Amen Corner The Musical…The Road to Broadway

Amen Corner: The Revival is not ‘just’ a great new musical…it’s A MOVEMENT! A National movement to change the trajectory of the touring Gospel musicals, Christian plays…the Urban Theatre Circuit. We have looked at this piece from all angles, and now with all parties on board, we can BOLDLY move forward with our project. The point of this blog will be to document the process from its conception — to fruition; from our first production, 2014 at the beautiful Carl Murphy Fine Art Center… to the Easter, 2015 Atlanta Premiere — to our ultimate destination a limited run engagement. Then, back out on the road where it shall stay for some time achieving its greater mission of bringing Broadway calibre productions to a most loyal and deserving, Christian/Urban Theatre Circuit audiences.

Anyway you look at this…folks are going to get rich behind this production. Though our vision is a little difference–we applaud Tyler Perry’s marketing genius. The 50+ million dollars he made solely in the Urban Theatre market, speaks to the money making potential. But, money alone would never be enough for me to sacrifice what I have sacrificed to get this show up. “I’ve swallowed bitterness by the gallon jugfull”, that is line from this play, James Baldwin’s classic work…The Amen Corner is such an accurate depiction. Many the day, I wish I’d never been charged with this mission…but I have. I WANT TO BRING THE BROADWAY EXPERIENCE ACROSS THE COUNTRY AND LET THAT AUDIENCE SHARE IN THE CELEBRATION OF BRINGING A SHOW ONTO “THE GREAT WHITE WAY”…WE. CAN. DO. THIS. LET ME SHOW YOU HOW IT’S DONE…With Great Appreciation and Immense Love—Helena-Joyce Wright

P.S. This blog will be more of a personal journal…that I will be sharing openly…so pardon in advance any grammatical or syntactical errors on my part. There is already so much to catch you up on! Here we gooooooooooooooooooooooooooo




February 21 2014 Reply

Wasn’t I the voluptuous Sis. Sally in this production & I had a fiiiine
Husband named Herman?
Memories 🙂

    Helena-Joyce Wright

    February 25 2014 Reply

    YOU MOST CERTAINLY WERE! And that is where this nightmare began. Lol. The road to Broadway is not a short one that’s for sure.

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