I’ve gotten so backed up on my writings, and this was NOT on the docket, but here we go. SAMUEL LEROY JACKSON WAS ROBBED! The whole movie actually. The Academy just choked…again. Sickening, but at this point…predictable. I waited to watch it. I’ve learned to  trust my own judgement. With that, I rarely, if ever, pay attention to movie hype because for the most part, I’ve been sorely disappointed when I have! BUT THIS MOVIE EXCEEDED ALL HYPE! IT WAS GREAT! This is all the more amazing given that I’m so squeamish and cannot stomach gory violence and find gratuitous profanity…irksome. I’m not a proponent of THE “N” WORD, but neither am I a fan of phrases like THE N WORD. Admittedly, I have NOT totally purged “N Word”  from my lexicon, largely because I still haven’t found a word that so perfectly fits some of the idiotic behaviors I see and hear. And since I ascribe it in equal portions to Whites and Blacks, Reds, Yellows and Browns…I’ve never understood why “we” would be any more offended, take anymore ownership than any who happened to act like a square root fool! I was raised to believe, “whoever named it–claimed it”, and in this movie the only niggers I saw were the ones using the word…square root fools. But…that’s just me. I simply cannot imagine how you could make a movie about this chapter in history and not have that word on speed-dial!  So…it all worked and the stuff I couldn’t watch like, the “Blood” Hounds feasting on a slave who tried to runaway or the Mandigo fight scene, I simply covered my ears and closed my eyes til it was over because in this instance, the violence shown was NOTHING next to what actually happened…nothing at all. Slavery has shown humanity at its most depraved. Any student of history also knows that there is blood on the hands of Blacks as well. We’ve played fast and loose with facts for so long that we forget that it was Black Africans who subjugated first, during Egypt’s reign. So, we don’t get a pass. But, “color” would forever change the game. Europeans enslaved other Europeans. Jews enslaved other Jews. The ‘haves’ always enslaved the ‘have nots’. The peculiar institution just got more peculiar, much more sadistic, hate-filled, when race was introduced. It was, afterall, Pharoah’s own daughter who raised baby Moses as her own. Assimilation was possible…even if not preferable. All other variables were…are, mutable; language, hair, economic status, but skin…not so much. And to this day, if you want set it off, I mean really get some mess going…try to have a meaningful conversation about race…I dare you! Blacks don’t want hear how pathological our behavior is and neither do Whites. I fear we will dosey-doe our way around this issue forever, never, ever healing.  I bristle when I hear Blacks or Whites say, “are we still having the race conversation?” YES! because we’ve yet to have it!  But…Django gives me hope. Django and Slave Stephen that is. But…Obama’s President. YUP and look at all the niggardly behavior coming out of Congress…oops I meant foolish. My bad.

This was a courageous movie! I mean how could there be anything entertaining, or comical about this kind of human bondage? And yet. The tone was set early. At the opening, as the theme song began, I HOWLED. I didn’t expect to…it was visceral. I grinned from ear to ear watching him get the girl then ride off into the sunset, and, I felt all the discomfort in between those bookends…especially Samuel Leroy Jackson clinic on pathos and self hatred. Quentin. Quentin. Quentin! He could have given him one redeeming moment. And, I thought he was about to when he stopped the castration. BUT HE DID NOT! Sam took it ALL the way there, as black and dark as anything you will ever see. But again, the GENIUS and what I loved soooo much about this little movie was that even in that moment, there’s Cora, a big woman who sorta sauntered about, but, when given the opportunity, she dusted the much smaller Sheba (hell, she would’ve dusted Flo-Jo), running from that big-house. He took this most tabu of subjects…this most despicable institution and made it work. I caught myself asking if something like this would be possible in a treatment of the Holocaust? The answer is yes. I don’t think you could survive such atrocities without some greatly evolved intelligent which is best demonstrated through whit and humor. Hogan’s Heroes ran throughout my childhood and Colonel Klink and Sargeant Shultz remain the prototypes, the quintessential ‘Keystone Cops’. Django, could have gone wrong in so many ways and on so many levels, but it didn’t. Big risk. Bigger rewards. At its end, I erupted into APPLAUSE…always the litmus for a transcendent movie experience. yUP, IT WAS GREAT. The one knock…did anybody else feel like they were watching Scandal: The Western when Broomhilda was on the screen? Hmmmm. Oh well…love her in scandal though;-\.

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