A Reversed Racism Moment…

Last Saturday I was out with friends at B. Cafe. I had 2 friends of Euro descent (white), along with 2 friends of African descent (black). My white friends were through the roof because they had just seen the DAVE CHAPPELLE/ERYKA BADU concert at Radio City, and proclaimed it the “best show they’d ever seen!” And they’ve seen some shows! Now my black friend, who is a very, very smart and well-traveled guy kept saying, “what you know about Dave Chappelle?” Then they brought up the time we saw BOOTSY COLLINS, and how much fun that was. We had all met 1,000 years ago at a HALL & OATES concert for goodness sake! For whatever reasons, whenever we’d make a reference to a black performer, he’d say the same stupid thing. At one point, the bartender added fuel to the fire when he chimed in and boldly stated that, “he could recite JAY-Z’s, “The Black Album”, start to finish. He too was white. And he did it again. I wanna say it’s all the exotic beer they have in there that had him acting so silly. I know he meant no harm, but it was becoming insulting so I said, “If you had mentioned Chopin and how much you love him and they had said, ‘what do you know about Chopin?’ You would’ve ripped them a new one!” Or, (cause I happen to know that he loves this guy, shhh), John Mayer, or Cold-play, or…you get the point. He got it, “I never would’ve thought of that.” That’s why you got me dude! Truthfully, it wasn’t like my friends were tripping and I don’t normally jump in to rescue my friends–all can pretty much hold their own. But, stuff like this can be a little tricky. And, in this instance, I thought this an observations worth pointing out…less we find ourselves guilty of the very things we most hate to have happen to us. To quote a very wise woman (mom): Right is right. Wrong is wrong. All day long. That is all.


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