BLOODZ & CRIPZ UNITE! Yeah, right! And do what? Burn down the 16 million dollar, nearly completed and desperately needed, 60 unit senior citizen high-rise and community center? Looting and tearing up your own block…not a good look! Righteous Outrage–ABSOFRIGGINLUTELY! But what does this, have to do with that? Not a gosh darn thang. bloods and cripsThat said, let me also say that when I look at the footage of the mayhem…something strikes me as odd…many things in fact. First, the torching of the senior apartment looks far more sophisticated than the bootleg fires set everywhere else. And I for one hope they will be examining this with a jaundiced eye. But there’s something else that’s troubling me and in some ways it’s even more nefarious and troubling. For the record, any who know me know that I’m far from a logistics experts. It’s one of life’s little ironies that I came through grad school in Directing….with Honors I might add, but I have NO sense of direction. None. That said, I couldn’t help but notice the following. I’ve spent considerable time in Baltimore. I love that city, plus Billie Holiday was born there so I double love it! And from what I do know, it strikes me as suspicious that the riots somehow ended up in the most vulnerable community. The one that could least afford to build itself back up. If memory and maps serve me, Mondawin Mall, where the bedlam jumped off, could have easily been pushed into the more affluent neighborhoods just south of the mall…yet it didn’t. The crowds were pushed north into the hardest hit neighborhoods of BMore. For many, many reasons I don’t wanna believe this…I really don’t. Maybe one of my friends or someone who knows BMore better than I, can assuage my fears and this growing sense of sadness that yet again, the ones who need our protection the most are instead the first to be exploited. Those innocent people this neighborhood didn’t ask for this. If it’s true than there’s blood on ALL hands; the idiots who planned this “civil” uprising, and the officials charged with being guardians and advocates to ALL its people. Somebody okay’d the plan to push north. Somebody said, “If they act up…push them back into “their” neighborhood.” Contain. Anyway like I said, I’m directionally challenged so I hope I just got it all wrong. I really, really want to be wrong about this. Can someone point out the flaws in my logic, please? I need someone to tell me that my thinking is off. FINAL THOUGHT: I am the mother of a “Man-child in the ‘Once’ Promise Land,” and I’ve long known things had reached critical mass and would soon implode. How long would our youth allow themselves to be targeted for execution? How long would the perpetrators be permitted to act with such impunity? Blacks & Whites both knew this day was coming. That it took so long is another commentary for another day. I knew eventually they’d wake from this somnabulant Youtube and TV induced comma and act! But they are not acting…they are reacting in the most predictable and non-strategic fashion imaginable. And this is frightening because the consequences are high. And, unlike many of my contemporaries I do NOT vilify the Bloodz and Cripz. I tell my son that they are indeed somethings that are absolutely worth giving your life for, but please…choose wisely. Just like Martin needed a Malcolm, the Bs & Cs could serve a greater good but not like this.

Antywayz…I love the City of Baltimore and my prayers are with them. One day…maybe today it can begin its rise from the ashes and blight that finds the majority of its youth living on par with with youth in 3rd World countries…a tragic but statistically accurate fact. Let not another mother’s grief be in vain.


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