When Daddy’s Little Girls Grow Up…This is What They’ll Remember


IT OCCURRED TO ME THAT THIS IS A STORY YOU DAD’S & DAD’S TO BE MIGHT LIKE TO KNOW, so…I’m sharing it. The other day I saw a dad with his daughter who was 3 or 4 years old. He was teaching her how to ride her scooter. She was all helmeted and padded up…dad was taking no chances. Couldn’t help but smile and say, “Making memories, huh?” It really wasn’t a question. But he turned and said, “Oh she won’t remember any of this.” “You don’t think?!!!” I went on to tell him that I remembered my dad holding my hand and walking me to the park, patiently pushing me on the swing, horsey-back rides. I remember all sorts of other things…clearly. Like, this time my dad went away on business…seemed like forever. Turns out it had only been a couple of days. My mom was talking to my Aunt Carmen, and said, “Paul will be coming in soon…” I got so excited. And when I heard the door, I took off running. I was roughly three. I know this only in hindsight because I can see from pictures that I we had moved from this house by my fifth birthday party. And so, it came as quite a shock to me that these were “my” actual memories from days prior to my fifth year on planet earth. So then…let’s say, I was all of four on this day when I thought my dad had arrived home FINALLY! I still remembered everything right up until the FALL…not too much afterwards because I missed the first step and when I landed I’m told I was unconscious and blood was everywhere. Fortunately, my dad was in great shape and did not wait for an ambulance, but ran all the way to Brooklyn Jewish Hospital with me in his arms. I certainly don’t remember the second half of this event, as I was…KNOCKED OUT…LITERALLY. But the point of this little story is, I don’t know when we people start remembering, or, when we stop for that matter. But, I bet the little girl learning to ride her scooter with her dad patiently hovering close by, WILL REMEMBER! She will probably–like me–ending choosing men who value her the way her daddy did. So, to be on the safe side, it just makes sense to treat the littlest ones as though they will one day be writing a story like this. You’ll either be loved and adored forever; tolerated politely or, impolitely or…loathed. Choice is yours. God bless all you dad’s. You’re our first loves on this earth…make it count. Mine did. Thanks Daddy. I will love you always. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY TO REAL DADDY’S EVERYWHERE! HJW-YEARONE-CROPPED_edited




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Miss you so much Daddy!

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