The Day I Really, REALLY Got Set Free, or Happy Independence Day

This is a short one. Independence Day for me happened like this. One day I was watching someone “I” had deemed not superbly talented, pick up an award…another one! My immediate reaction–righteous indignation of course. Then confusion, God had not consulted me…again! Then more righteous indignation! Then a far more troubling revelation set in, “you mean to tell me that you are just gonna keep on blessing ‘these people’ whom I’ve repeatedly stated ARE NOT VERY GOOD!? You just gonna keep on, despite the fact that I’ve made ‘my’ opinion of them clear?” Then denouement. YES. He planned to keep doing as He saw fit! And…in defending my case, I had to point out that, ‘some of them don’t even believe you exist’! Quick response, “Did you? How do you know that I didn’t use them then to get us to this conversation right now?” Hmmmm…He’s a tough guy to win an argument with, I’ll say that much. Sooo apparently my opinion didn’t matter…in the least! At first, I didn’t like this thought–at all. Then, there it was…soooo if my opinion of them didn’t matter, guess who else’s opinion didn’t matter either? I know, right? A little off-putting at first, huh? I thought so too, but ultimately it proved to be the epiphany that set me absolutely FREE.

P.S. This was brought to my mind following a phone call from a former student. She had a meteoric rise, now she’s experiencing the fall off that I warned her was sure to come. She shared how much she admired the way I ‘never give a damn about what other people think.’ She then asked, “how do you do it?” I told her the story above. She LOL and said, “YOU HAVE TO SHARE THAT!” And so…I did.

P.S.S. Of course some opinions matter…greatly, but never more than my own, and certainly never more than God’s. Nope.


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