HJ & Works In Progress Productions: CURRENT PROJECTS


The mission of Helena-Joyce & Works in Progress Productions (HJ/WIPP), LLC is to develop and produce exceptional literary works and works for the stage and screen, demonstrating excellence in the creation of both the ‘show’ and the ‘business’.

Current Projects: AMEN! The Broadway Musical Revival, THE DIVA MOM SHOW, THE BOOK OF CHANCE: Drive-by…A Love Story, and other works in progress

Amen Revival Promo:

While you enjoy the short AMEN promo being sung by WIPP’s own, Helena-Joyce Wright, let us tell you that October 2016 has brought with it a tremendous surge on the AMEN project!!! You will not want to miss our EXCITING announcement coming at the first of the year! In the meantime, we continue refining the libretto, tweaking music while discussions with potential Broadway cast members are underway! STAY TUNED!!

THE DIVA MOM SHOW: A HYSTERICAL FUNNY & FRESH TV/Web Series written and created by Helena-Joyce Wright, is currently in development. Check it out at:

Ms Wright’s, THE BOOK OF CHANCE: Drive-by…A Love Story, a 2013 BEST AMERICAN SHORT STORY contender, has caught the attention of several film producers. Conversations are underway to option it for a screenplay once completed.

Also in the Cue:

ALL THE PARTS I EVER WANTED TO SING BUT COULDN’T CAUSE I ‘WUZ’ BLACK! Ms. Wright’s very tongue & cheek, one woman show

The Maestros & Their Muses: A musical comedy (in development)

Brown-skinned But Cute??? Award winning short story which has successfully been converted to one-act short. It is slated to be produced at Cal State Los Angeles in 2017